1000 + hour certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Hormonal yoga, Sridaiva Yoga, Breath awareness and Yoga for Kids instructor


Indigo Yoga for Children of all ages

The fine art of teaching children

May 2003, Santa Cruz, California

training¬completed                                                              Led by Pamela Hollander


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program

Level 1, 200 hour                                                                    Led by Swami Janakananda 

Temple of Kriya, Chicago Illinois                                             and Carol Moritz

Certification¬ June 19 2004


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program

Level 2, 300 hour                                                                    Led by Swami Janakananda

Temple of Kriya, Chicago,Illinois                                             and Carol Moritz

Graduation and certificate¬ July 16 2005


Yin Yoga Teacher Training

The Chicago Yoga Center, Chicago Il                                       Led by Paul and Suzee Grilley

Spring 2011

6 Days Teacher Training Intensive                                         Led by Max Strom

Yoga Moves, Utrecht

Februari 2013

Hormone yoga                                                                       Led by Sylvia Mullaart Bonn

January  2014


Yoga Nidra teacher training                                       Led by Maaike Chavanu

January & February 2014

Tongelaar castle, Mill

Yin Yoga Immersion                                                               Led by Biff Mithoefer

Jun 2014

Rundum Yoga, Dusseldorf Germany

Sridaiva Yoga                                                                         Led by John Friend and Desi Springer

Bowspring method

September 2014

De nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam

Yin Yoga & Anatomy & Chakra study                                        Led by Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis Heil

200 hour education 2014 2015

Yoga Garden Amsterdam

Prison Yoga and Yoga for PTSS and trauma 

teacher training                                                                              Led by James Fox

Delight Yoga, Amsterdam September 2015

Yin Yoga Medicine teacher training                                         Led by Emrik Suichies and Eelco Griep

Yin Yoga Academy Sneek 2015-2016

Yin Supreme: neurotransmitters and                                      Led by Emrik Suichies and   Corry van der Voort                         

nutrition in combination with Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Academy Sneek, 2016

Yin Yoga Teacher Training                                                       Led by Jo Phee

Chines Medicine, Meridian Nidra & Hip Anatomy

65 hours, July 2017, Utrecht


2004-2006¬ The Chicago workshops from Kim Schwartz, Oak Park Yoga

2003-2006¬ Therapeutic yoga from William Hunt (Swami Janakananda).

2005¬ Yoga for Menopause, Led by Mary Samano.

2006¬ Yoga retreat, Woodstock Illinois, Led by William Hunt.

2005-2006¬ Meditation workshops, Led by William Hunt.

2006¬ Eischens Yoga led by Kari Tomashik.

2007-2009¬ Workshops Iyengar Yoga in The Netherlands.

Oktober 2009¬  Weekend workshop: Yoga foundation and transcendence, Led by Kim Schwartz, Oak Park Yoga, Oak Park IL.

September 28 - Oktober 18 ¬ Forrest Yoga: 22 day Intensive training  with Ana Forrest, every morning 6-9 am, 'a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your very being'.

2011¬ Baron Baptiste yoga, Forever Om ,Lake Forest Il. 

January 7-9 2011¬ Anatomy and Forrest Yoga with Brian Campbell,bodyworker and Forrest Yoga teacher.

April 2011¬ Workshop Trigger Points with Clark Riley.

Oktober 2011¬ Workshop 'Stability and ease in asana', led by Kim Schwartz, Oak Park Yoga, Oak Park Il.

November 2011¬ Workshop Pralaya Yoga with Robert  Boustany, Chicago. 

February  2012¬ Anusara yoga with Desiree Rumbaugh, Yogaview Chicago.

February 11¬12 2012¬ Yoga for the pelvis by Leslie Howard, Yogaview Chicago.

March 17 - 18 2012¬ Weekend workshop ‘yogasana’ by Kim Schwartz, Oak Park Yoga.

April 13 - May 25 2012 ¬ Advanced- and therapeutic yoga with Gabriel Halpern, Yogaview, Wilmette Il.

March 8-9-10 2013 ¬ 3 days intensives Iyengar yoga with David Jacobs, yogacenter Libra, St Oedenrode

May 28 2013¬ Peter Sterios, Pure Silence Eindhoven

June 1 2013 ¬ Hormone yoga, Sylvia Mullaart, Nijmegen

June 2 2013¬ Yoga Intensive ,Ron van der Post, Nijmegen

June 2013¬ Yoga Nidra workshop, Maaike Chavanu

June 2 2013 ¬ Workshop Critical Alignment, Gert van Leeuwen 

September 22¬ Workshop Pralaya yoga, Robert Boustany

Oktober-current¬ Lessons in Critical Alignment yoga

December 7¬ Yoga Intensive, Ron vd Post, Nijmegen 

February 7-8-9 2014¬ 3 days intensives Iyengar yoga with David Jacobs, yogacenter Libra, St Oedenrode

Oktober 1 2015¬  Ashtanga Yoga & Shamanism, Journey of the soul, Danny Paradise, Yogamove Utrecht

November 21+22 2015¬ Masterclasses with Mark Stephens, Yogamoves Utrecht

April 2016¬ Fascia, Rolfing & Yogatraining with Bart Adins, School for Tai Chi Chuan, Utrecht

Mei 2016¬  Yogafestival Rotterdam



2004-2006¬ Hatha Yoga, Bally’s, Skokie and Deerfield Il USA

2004-2006¬Corporate yoga, Utilities.Inc,2335 Sanders Road Northbrook Illinois 60062, twice a week.

2003-2006¬ Private yoga classes, Chicago IL

2004-2006¬ Therapeutic yoga in my own yoga studio, 3118 West Columbia Ave, Chicago IL 60645 (e.g. a professional cello player with wrist problems getting to play the cello again through yoga, women recovering after breast cancer, yoga for menopause).

2006¬ Yogaclasses in a boxing studio, Ultimate Fitness, 823 Emerson, Evanston IL.

2005-2006¬ Yoga for kids in after school program at Saint Margaret Mary School, 7318 N. Oakley, Chicago IL 60645

2005¬ Yoga for toddlers with disabilities in a private daycare center, West Columbia Avenue, Chicago IL 60645.

2006-2009¬ Hatha Yoga classes in a fitness and health center in Boxtel, The Netherlands, Tiga Health & Fitness, Prins Bernhardstraat 27-A, 5281 JH Boxtel.

2006-2009¬ Yogaclasses for my own yoga company (Om Yoga), Theereheide, Eikenlaan 5, 5271 RR Sint-Michielsgestel, The Netherlands

2006-2009¬ Private classes and therapeutic yoga (eg, to a hearing impaired person, yoga for stress and burn-out, yoga & breast cancer, yoga for menopause) in people’s homes, The Netherlands.

2006-2009¬ Workshops on a regular basis at different studios together with a pilates teacher. The workshops consisted of half pilates and half yoga.

2008-2009¬ Yoga for kids in a dance studio, Studio Ilse, Pleinsedijk 2A, 5271 SZ Sint-Michielsgestel, The Netherlands.           

2006- 2009¬ Substitute for a Pilates teacher, teaching Pilates.

2007-2009¬ Yoga for the elderly, Empel & Rosmalen, The Netherlands.

2009- July 1 2012¬ Hatha Yoga at Midtown, Bannockburn IL

2009- July 1 2012¬ Hatha Yoga for seniors and Chair Yoga, Lake Forest IL

2009-July 1 2012¬  Yoga teacher at Lake Forest Health & Fitness, Lake Forest Il (restorative yoga, therapeutic yoga, gentle yoga, yoga flow, vinyasa- & power yoga and total body yoga)

Oktober 2010¬ Yoga for cheerleaders, St Mary School, Lake Forest IL.

January 2011- July 1 2012¬ Yoga for teens, private classes.

Oktober 2011-July 1 2012¬ Therapeutic yoga; yoga for OCD and ADHD(kids)

July- Oktober 2011¬ Yoga for cross country girls, all grades, Lake Forest High School.

2012  Therapeutic private yoga, recovery after surgery, Lake Bluff Il

2012 winter and spring¬ Yoga for rehabilitation, Lake county women’s rehab center, Vernon Hills, Il.

2011-2012¬ Yin Yoga, Lake Forest Health & Fitness, Lake Forest Il, USA

September 2012- July2013¬ Yoga in Boxtel, Middelrode, Sint-Michielsgestel, Netherlands

As of August 19 2013¬Yoga at Om Yoga Vught @ Fort Isabellakazerne

2012- current ¬ Yoga in Vianen for the elderly



Former nurse, preventive health care educator, casemanager and policy maker in health care Pauline, has been practicing yoga actively since 2001.

Her teacher in California referred her to The Temple of Kriya Yoga when Pauline moved to Chicago in 2003. 

She is very passionate about improving the quality of life through yoga.

Pauline is married and has three children.